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I wake up everyday,

just to fall apart again,

entangled in misery

my life is all about history.

You never call or write me anymore,

you are so cold and distant

now that you've found a friend.

I sit here wishing you the best,

I should have put you to the test,

when you said so much

I should have thought twice,

seen through your lies.

Time to move on I assume,

nothing more to consume,

I'm empty and abused,

time for me to do something new.

I Hesitate no more,

I awake with a certain attitude,

a change of latitude

just to get you out of my head,

time to begin anew

like the dew on grass in the morning...

Where have you been all these days?

My life will never be the same,

now that you're in my embrace.

Sat alone so long

watched the people

pass me by,

time no more to me than

markings in history.

I am a wanderer,

wading through

these high waters

of my life.

I see the changes

take place,

politics is not my game,

life is more than

whatever you want me to be.

Watch me if you chose,

I'm not the one to

tell you what to do.

Let's part before we start,

it's not worth the pain

to hear your voice strain

in the night.

I sit alone,

maybe that's just the way

things are meant to be.

If you want to be my lover,

my boyfriend,

just say the words

and I will be all yours.

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