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Hello to everyone,

Friend and foe,

Everyone I know

And even those I don’t.


Soon we’ll gather

To say goodbye,

Farewell to this year.


I hope you will not cry too long,

For there is hope

In the year to come…

All of these whispers,

Around me,

Speaking of changes

That never come.


Whispers all around,

Cannot always change what’s

Been around so long,

But let’s not stop


Following the path of least resistance

I find my feet moving along,

With a song on my lips

And a desire on my heart.


Will love find a way?

Two hearts to meet,

Like a happy ending

In real life.


I am waiting for him

To take my breath away,

Love me like I need,

Hold me in the cold of night,

And love me as I am.

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